APICS Introductory Course

The next APICS Introductory Course, with places available, will be held on the 6th, 7th, & 8th July 2015.
These are the fixed dates, two other days are negotiated between the mentoring sweeps concerned. 
Contact the office for more details.
0845 604 4327 or 01208 851 775 from a mobile

See our Training Centre for more details

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APICS - The Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps

APICS recognises the independence of sweeps and does not interfere with your day to day business but keeps you up to date with legislation.  We also offer training to those wishing to join the profession. 

APICS formed a Chimney Sweep Trade Association that sets standards for, and improves the knowledge and safety of chimney sweeps, thereby giving customers a better service.

Member chimney sweeps services are listed within our website directory; we are actively working to ensure our members are found in the search engines to bring our members more business. 

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Benefits of Joining APICS

Regular meetings to keep you up to date with legislation, regulations and new technology and equipment.

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We will mediate if there is a problem between you and a customer.

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Photo ID supplied.

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Once HETAS approved you will be able to work with local authorities.

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You can advertise you are a qualified chimney sweep.

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We promote you to bring you more work.

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