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APICS Membership Benefits

Raising awareness of chimney sweeping, carbon monoxide and fire safety. APICS are a HETAS, SFA, OFTEC and COCAA approved association working to raise industry standards.

Who can join APICS?

Anyone involved in the Chimney Sweep industry is welcome to attend our meetings.

Anyone can attend up to three meetings before we would expect you to join The Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps, or to stop attending.

Only full members can speak and vote at the APICS AGM.

A Joining Fee is required, covered for the first year by the assessment fee. Subscriptions are due on the anniversary of joining.

What Qualifications are needed?

Registered Chimney Sweeps:

If you have already been assessed and accepted by another chimney sweep organisation such as The Guild or NACS you can join APICS, but may still be required to go through the assessment process, depending on experience.

If you are an HETAS Registered Chimney SWEEP your sweep number will be required (not installers). You will then be required to go through the APICS Application process.

New to chimney sweeping:

  • APICS Introductory course to Chimney Sweeping
  • APICS assessment in chimney sweeping competency
  • APICS Membership Photo ID, certificate issued, web entry
  • APICS Full membership following HETAS/OFTEC registration

APICS are:

  • Member driven
  • Open to new ideas
  • Democratic
  • Friendly
  • Approachable

APICS welcome new members who:

  • Keep Safety as a priority for customers and their homes
  • Deliver great customer service
  • Are happy to be trained or have prior experience
  • Are willing to be assessed
  • Enjoy the friendship our association offers
  • Want to have an equal voice and be heard in their organisation
  • Appreciate professional advice
  • Have, or are happy to obtain, full professional kit
  • Will issue certificates of sweeping to every customer
  • Are willing to adhere to our code of conduct


You will be required to complete an application form, complete 12 Sweeps Record Forms (available on request) and produce a current CV with two references. You will also need to provide evidence that you hold valid public liability insurance.

Your assessment will be conducted by three committee members one who will inspect the completed Sweeps Record Forms, one of whom will carry out the practical assessment and one who will interview you by phone.

Assessment will be carried out in your area and you will be expected to demonstrate your expertise on at least four or if possible five different types of flue/appliance.

Your van will be inspected during the practical assessment to ensure that it complies with APICS Equipment List; you will be supplied with this list.

Any member who lives in close proximity (30 miles radius) to you will not be involved in the assessment interview or process.

If you fail the assessment process twice, your application to join APICS will be rejected. Committee members involved in the first assessment would not officiate at the second assessment.

NACS or Guild Members (current or otherwise) who wish to join and have been assessed by their associations and hold the required HETAS registration may still need to go through the same application process as new chimney sweeps, and may be required to complete part or all of the assessment procedures. This will be at the discretion of APICS and an assessment fee of £500 may be charged accordingly.

A photo ID card will be issued to you once you have been accepted into The Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps.

Full membership of APICS includes automatic SFA approval.

In the event of a complaint, accident of where APICS sees fit, we reserve the right to reassess any member at any time at the members own expense.

Code of Conduct

  • All members would be expected to adhere to the following code of conduct:
  • To hold adequate public liability insurance.
  • To give the public a reliable, efficient sweeping service.
  • To ensure that APICS standards are maintained.
  • To carry sufficient equipment at all times to complete the work they are employed to do.
  • To take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the customer and their premises.
  • To ensure that premises are kept clean by using suitable equipment and an industrial vacuum.
  • To ensure that the chimney has had a suitable brush passed through the entire length of the chimney (cowl permitting) and that all resulting soot has been removed.
  • To fully inform the customer, in writing, of any problem that has been detected.
  • To advise the customer/client of the importance of having a chimney swept to the requirements of BS EN 15287-1:2007 including the dangers of CO poisoning.
  • Members are required to register as HETAS or OFTEC approved sweeps within 2 years of becoming full members.
  • Members are expected to maintain records of work they have carried out (for at least 12 months) in case of any subsequent investigation in which APICS may be expected to play a role.
  • Members are required to undergo a criminal record check.


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