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APICS Training Testimonials

Here’s some of the great feedback that we have received about our training courses.


Thank you for sending through the receipt for the course.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the course so enjoyable and sharing your knowledge and experience with us all.
It was surprising to hear and see all that’s required to do a full and professional job. This makes me question the sweeps I’ve employed previously to clean my chimneys.
Once again thank you again for the course and introducing me to Rob. I will be in contact with him over the next week to arrange my work experience.
Will be in touch.
Kind regards

I would like to thank you for a very informative and enjoyable course last week. The three days at Poujoulat were great. I was also grateful to Rob for taking me out on Friday so I could apply what I had learned in the real world. So reassuring to be supervised by someone with 40 years of sweeping experience!
As with most things there is more to sweeping chimneys than I was expecting and I will definitely need to study my notes and apply the advice you gave in the development of my business. What I also picked up over the course was the realisation that APICS is not only a training provider. As I embark on my new career as a sweep I will do so with the added confidence of the support that is available from APICS and the members. I look forward to becoming an APICS approved sweep once I can complete my probation and apply for an assessment.
If you are speaking with others who might be interested in the course you are welcome to forward this message. I have no hesitation in recommending it for anyone thinking that sweeping might be a good career choice for them.
Best wishes,
A very informative introduction to sweeping …

Thank you for a very informative introduction to sweeping. I feel like I have received a highly-concentrated distillation of your collected wisdom and experience. Even before I begin, I feel like I am well placed to anticipate almost any problem that might arise.

I really appreciate how much I have learnt …

Having been sweeping for a year, I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the course. I knew there were a lot of gaps in my knowledge of chimneys and sweeping from my other training but didn’t realise the amount I would learn in three days. This ranged from seemingly simple things such as sheeting up properly and taping along the brick joints (previously I struggled to stop soot egress) to correctly sizing brushes dependent on the flue. I haven’t found time to read the Michael Waumsley book yet but I know I will learn a lot from that tome. I really enjoyed the course. Many thanks again for all your efforts – I really appreciate how much I have learnt.

Really enjoyed the course …

Really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to my two days out in the real world!

An excellent teacher …

Firstly I would like to say thank you for such an informative course. I never would have believed there was so much to learn about chimneys! You are an excellent teacher and I would have no hesitation in recommending the course.

Informative …

Many thanks for an informative and entertaining 3 days.


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